UB40 - Love Songs 2009

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UB40 - Love Songs 2009

Mensaje  ceferino74 el Mar Jun 02, 2009 12:54 am

Datos de la descarga:
Artist: UB40
Album: Love Songs
Year : 2009
Genre : Pop
Quality : VBR kbps
Tracks : 20
Size : 100,6 MB
Playtime : 76:01 Min

01.Can't Help Falling in Love with You [03:29]
02.I Got You Babe [03:11]
03.Kiss and Say Goodbye [03:14]
04.You're Always Pulling Me Down [04:02]
05.Don't Break My Heart [03:50]
06.Please Don't Make Me Cry [03:26]
07.I Love it When You Smile [04:24]
08.Homely Girl [03:25]
09.Where Did I Go Wrong [03:50]
10.Come Back Darling [03:29]
11.Impossible Love [04:02]
12.Dream A Lie [02:57]
13.Tears from My Eyes [03:50]
14.Breakfast in Bed [03:17]
15.I'll Be Your Baby Tonight [03:25]
16.Bring Me Your Cup [04:11]
17.I'll Be There [03:59]
18.Gotta Tell Someone [04:21]
19.Here I Am (Come and Take Me) [04:04]
20.I Would Do for You [05:35]

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